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So I installed kali on my note 2 using linux deploy..

  1. When I type su in terminal.. it asks for password... the password isnt toor changeme nor root nor pass nor password.. what is it then??
  2. I believe there is nothing on this kali.. no msfconsole.. no aircrack.. nothing... how do I get all that??

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you get the tools using "apt-get install" then the package you want.

OTW is right, the image is bootstrap.

For the password, if you didn't change it in the Linux Deploy swttings it shod be "changeme". If you change the user to root default you won't have to deal with this.

to add to this, you can download an ARMel or ARMhf image of Kali with all tools in it already, but that is not recommended


I tried changeme.. you can read it up there..
Doesnt work..

If default user is set to root, you can run root commands, else you will stay normal user.

Yea but msfconsole and all... how do I install that

through "apt-get install", like OTW said. like "apt-get install metasploit" or "apt-get install nmap". but be sure to run "apt-get update" first

i don't mean to be rude, but do you even google bro?


I did that man.. it gives error not found..

Not found... The package? Or the repos? Can you ping google?

The package..
Yea I can ping google

did you run "apt-get update" ?


No.. but I got a bigger problem now..
The kali doesnt work after 1 try.. I mean it only worked once but now fails to stary...
And what I think is that it basically destroyed my sdcard...
Cause my sdcard doesnt work now... it was a sandisk!!

I cant format it.. I tried many programs.. windows.. kali.. even a seperate partition manager by booting into it... it says format completed.. but it shows no space available in windows... and in android it says 3.4 gb avilable but shows no files nor hidden...

Ive tried a lot but I dont think I can recover it..
WOW :(:(

Your card is most likely stuck in 'Read-Only' mode. Takes about 15 sec to fix.

a sdcard is never "broken" by imaging anything on it.

your best bet would be to insert your sd card directly into your computer with any kind of external sd card reader, and format the sdcard with the diskmgmt.msc tool in windows. (which can be executed by typing "diskmgmt.msc" on an elevated command prompt window), and format it completely that way.


if that didn't work, let me know, because then your partitions got corrupted somehow (don't worry, that too is also easy to fix.)


I tried everything. . I formatted it like 30 times with different types... fat32.. ext2.. ntfs..
Doesnt even recognize on windows... my kali and android recognize it

Boot Kali, run "fdisk -l" and "gdisk" and post the output.

Go to linux deploy and change User name to "root" .
That works for me.

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