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So I installed kali on my note 2 using linux deploy..

  1. When I type su in terminal.. it asks for password... the password isnt toor changeme nor root nor pass nor password.. what is it then??
  2. I believe there is nothing on this kali.. no msfconsole.. no aircrack.. nothing... how do I get all that??

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6 Responses

you get the tools using "apt-get install" then the package you want.

OTW is right, the image is bootstrap.

For the password, if you didn't change it in the Linux Deploy swttings it shod be "changeme". If you change the user to root default you won't have to deal with this.

I tried changeme.. you can read it up there..
Doesnt work..

If default user is set to root, you can run root commands, else you will stay normal user.

Yea but msfconsole and all... how do I install that

Go to linux deploy and change User name to "root" .
That works for me.

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