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For some reason I have been trying several ways to do a kali USB Drive and I have been nothing but unsuccesfull. I have follewed many many direccions from Null Byte and others but I cant seem to get it right or They are just not working for me. Plz some one help!!!!

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Download the proper version of Kali as an ISO. Use Rufus to create the Bootable USB drive. If your computer is a newer one with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 you will need to disable secure boot and may need to change the settings to boot CSM instead of UEFI.

I have Windows 10. Maybe I do need to disable secure boot. Some how I managed to Dowload Kali ISO (image) in the computer but it won't save to the USB. I have tried with 4 diferent USB that I have at hand. I am Not computer savy by any means. I am still learning to distinguish from hardware and software in a computer. I really apreciate the help. I have also seen that there is a way in wich you can have Kali instaled in a way that it is an icon and you just click it and it works. Is that convinient?

I was trying to instal it in a partition originaly, i believe that's what is called, but I got scared when it told me that changes in my hard drive were about to hapen and if I wanted to continued. I cancelled it.

Any way I will get new SBU andmake sure It's not the USB that it's the problem and try the two new ways and see if it's just me the one that has the problem.


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