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I am going to get a razer blade computer and I want to install a dual boot of kali, how can I do this and what will I need?


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or you can attach 2 seperate HDD's to your motherboard and install windows on one and BlackArch (or in your case Kali) on another, just like i did.


cool, can u little bit throw a light on that. do u have a Desktop PC in which u did this? nice way.
Please, tell a little bit more.

I would also have a iso of windows (assuming thats your other OS) in case something goes wrong. I tend to figure out ways to screw up my windows partition / bootloader and it would have saved me a ton of time.

If you don't already have a live usb of kali, then dl unetbootin and use that to format the USB.

Yea it helps... keep windows iso handy too;);)

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