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am thinking about buying a cheap (refurbished) laptop for some light schoolwork and to use as my Kali Linux machine. What specs do you recommend for Kali usage? To start with, I'll mainly be following OTW's tutorials .

Thanks a lot in advance :)

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Almost any cheap old laptop would work fine... You'll just want to make sure the wifi card can go into promiscuous mode. When looking at a specific laptop, do some digging to figure out what wifi chipset it uses and then google "chipset name promiscuous mode" and you'll see soon enough if it's doable. You can also google the laptop name and "linux drivers" to see if anyone has had serious trouble getting something to work... but typically older devices will be very well supported.


The CPU is far less important than the RAM. Try to get one with 8GB, if possible. If you want to hack wifi, you will likely want to buy an external, aircrack-ng compatible wireless adapter.

Although the CPU is not that important for most hacks, a faster CPU will do password cracking marginally faster.


Thank you 2 so much for your input :) Now I have a good idea of what I'm looking for

Why exactly is the RAM more important than the CPU?

RAM will enable us to run multiple virtual machines, services or applications simultaneously.

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