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Hello guys,

What do you think are the best apps to install after switching from windows to linux(kali in this case).Like firefox or skype.Not necesaryly hacking related.

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Everything you need is built into Kali.

Kali is suitable for hacking, if you like hacking and want using linux for general purpose, you should switch to another distro because kali is easy to break( i you do not understand the command you type)

OTW is correct. All of the tools a beginner would need to get started is installed by the default installation (setup).
If you want to explore some tools outside of the default installation.

Read this post and give some of those scripts a try. It may be a little too advance for a beginner tho.

Thanks for this hopefully am going to learn the basic stuffs about Linux

You can start here and follow the series through. Somethings has changed, but the concepts remain the same.

If you are new to linux, try out Ubuntu for a while to you are familiar with most of the basics and install some kind of virtualization software on it. Installing Kali on a virtual machine is a better option for obvious reasons.

Follow this tutorial on how to install virtualbox on Ubuntu 14.04:

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