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I'm new here. I been trying to download the latest version of Kali linux to my computer. I successfully downloaded the torrent file but did not work and tried the iso to put on a usb drive that stopped in the middle of downloading. I tried to do it on IE and firefox. Both off of Is there another website or should I just purchase one off of amazon. HELP PLEASE!!!!

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I have a toshiba computer if that helps

Once you have the ISO, create the Bootable Flash drive with Rufus.

That's the problem. I can't download the iso. Keeps stopping during the download. I have the flash drive. Just can't get it to download

You said you downloaded the torrent ISO. It will work as long as you got it from Kali's website. You just need to use Rufus or another similar program to make it a bootable USB.

I went to for download. Working with 64 bit. There are 2 types of downloads you can click on. One is ISO and the other is a torrent file. I downloaded the torrent file but was unable to install it after the reboot. I am trying to download the ISO file but it will not complete. Keeps stating download failed

The torrent file you downloaded needs to be opened in a program such as uTorrent. It will then download the ISO file.

Ok perfect. That's where I downloaded to was to utorrent. Thanks

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