Forum Thread: Kali Linux , Backtrack Error with Netapi

when i run netapi(exploit/windows/smb/ms08067netapi
no active sessions

can't get access
why it's not working?

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It's likely that this vulnerability has been patched on that Windows XP.


Windows XP still has support? I thought Microsoft stop supporting XP.

They did last year. I believe he means that the machine was patched before support was dropped.

Yes, you are right Cracker.

This exploit is MS08_067. The third and fourth digits (08) indicate the year. Microsoft had plenty of time to patch this before support ended.

Right! I didn't know it was patched 'cos I was use it with success 4-5 month ago..but I suppose the machines were not up to date.The Microsoft support was dropped in April,2014 I think.

so metasploit needs to build another exploit and then it will work..?

Or maybe find your own vulnerabilities?


If, like ghost_ said, you find a true vulnerability in the machine, try writing your own exploit for it.

I also have had success with the spoolss vulnerability (printer impersonation). It works on all Windows versions that have the functionality for printer sharing. Actually, I've hacked both Windows XP and Windows 7 with this one, so give it a shot.

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