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So. Today i woke up and opened my VM. Then i got a notification saying something like "Could not connect to network"

So i kept trying to find out how to fix this. And i tried setting the network settings for my vm to 'Nat'

And that worked. But now i don't have an IP. I can't seem to get this to work. I have been trying the whole day to get this to work..

I don't know what to include. So if you want me to include something just ask me

Oh and i just joined null byte!

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To work on bridged mode with a VM you need to be directly pluged on your router with a ethernet cable.

I was able to use it before. I never needed to use an ethernet cable.. And it still worked fine!

Virtualbox (can't say for VMWare but it should be similar) isn't able to virtualize a wireless card and can't share the wireless card of your machine with the host OS.

I'm pretty sure that you're wrong when you say you were able to be in bridged mode while not using a cable.

Just plug a ethernet cable. Otherwise you have another solution : buy a dedicate Wifi adapter for your VM.

Not true. Bridged mode works in virtualbox without being plugged in to any cable. I have never used a cable for bridged mode. The same thing happened to me. Where I didn't have the option to go into bridged mode. Just blank when I selected it. NAT worked fine. But I was sure I had been using bridging. So I uninstalled VB, reinstalled as admin. And now what the other guy said wouldn't work, with his technical description of why it can't work without a cable, now works? Just like always.

The bridged worked with WiFi for me the first time as well. But the next day it didnt work anymore. I tried the cable method that works, I will take a look into it maybe we can find out why it did work the first time.

And yes I did actually have internet connection and it worked correctly.

Yeah the bridged network worked for me with the wifi for some weeks but it's simply not working anymore.
Also the internet connection is working on NAT mode but not on Bridged mode
Please help

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