Forum Thread: Kali Linux - Desktop Files Wiped

Booted up Kali Linux, started msfconsole , went for windows/meterpreter/reversetcp , setted all options , done the job , exited and noticed all files from Desktop got removed , tried locate lost folders no luck , tried find . fileName , no luck , all files and folders were removed from Rooted Users Desktop, where as other account was untouched.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Solution to recover?

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3 Responses

If you are not on Persistence mode, you can just reboot your computer and it should be back.

Are you using Kali Sana (Kali 2) by chance? maybe its a bug?

Are you running Kali on a virtual machine?

Virtual Yes, Installed , anything changes is saved , never starting fresh. This time Root User Seems fresh since all got wiped,

its ok , im just wondering what caused that to avoid it in future.

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