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So.. i have Kali Linux 2.0 installed in VM Workstation, and i can play with it only in my LAN area. So for eg. if i have a clone site of.. i don't know let's say facebook, it can be accesed only from my LAN. Peoples outside my lan can't acces it. What settings should i use for VM? Now i have a Bridged connection. Should i make some portforwarding? Or something like that?

P.S: Sorry for my... bad english :( .

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Do you want the website can be accessed from the Internet?

If so, there will be a lot of things u should do. Register a domain name, and if you use your own hosting server (using home Internet access), then u should configure the domain so it will always connect to your external IP. Or just use pagekite. Cmiiw

What you have to do is go into your router control panel and set up a static internal ip using IP reservation with mac address, next go to port forwarding and forward port 80 TCP/UDP to your static internal ip and then the website should be accesible from the net when you put you external ip in the address bar, and make sure the apache serveer is running

can sombody help my to
how do i open my external hard drive on vm kali linux 2.0
because i have on my external drive a wordlist and i need to putt it on my vm do i open a post (im new here)

Can't it be done with a Dinamyc IP? I have to pay for a static IP...

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