Forum Thread: Kali Linux Problem.

I installed kali in vmware all went good and installed correctly then I wanted to installed some programs in kali so I typed sudo apt-get install (program like tor) but it said:

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package tor

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what are the VMware player network settings for your Kali machine?
If you are running this on a laptop - they seem to require you to have NAT selected not bridged.
If you are using a USB wifi device is it activated?
a screen shot of your ifconfig would help here.

In Kali you're usually running as root (if you haven't created any additional account) so no need sudo before your commands. But that's not the problem, or you aren't connected to Internet, or the package can't be found. Try to ping google or any external server to see if you are really connected to Internet.

you might have typed the name of the package wrong.
apt-get update

Or the package doesn't exist... apt -get (program) is the right syntax.

first you have to make sure the repo is available or the program you want to install is available on the repository...
sometime 3rd party apps have their own repo. so you may have to add it to your "sources.list" file.

after you do that, you need to,
apt-get update,
and then
apt-get install {programNAME}

if you facing error or dependency issue, just type, apt-get install -f

hope this help.

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