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Hello all,

First of all, a thank you for all the tutorials on this site. It's been super helpful and fun.

So, my question is, how do I install Kali on a raspberry pi. I have done some research and found This explains how to set up a raspberry pi as a hacking device. After following the first few steps, I get stuck at step 4 with an error on my screen: end Kernal panic - not syncing. And a line after that: random: nonblocking pool is initialized.

After looking around a bit the only fix for this seemed to be to rewrite to the SD card, so I did this twice. It didn't work. Does anyone here know anything about Kali with a raspberry pi, and if so, what was your experience while installing it? And does anyone know how to fix this error?


I want to use the raspberry so that when I turn it on (with a phone charger), it will automaticly find the strongest WiFi AP and DoS it. The program works on my laptop.

Thanks a lot in advance :)


ps: If my question is unclear, please tell me. I'm new here (I have read quite a few posts), but I don't know how you commonly ask a question.

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2 Responses

I have built several of these hacking Pi's and I have never seen this message. I would check first to see whether you have the correct image, then make certain the image is not corrupted and finally, make certain that the SD card is not damaged, in that order.

Thanks for your reply.

As said, i have reinstalled the image several times (+a redownload). As for the SD card, it was doing fine with rasbian on it, so i suppose it should be working. Ill try all the other images (even though i'm quite sure i got the right one) now.

Again, thanks a lot :)

Edit: Tried a different image, apparently i don't have an rpi 2... oh well, it works now, thanks a lot :)

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