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<hello everyone I have been trying to get kali linux on my samsung s6>
<I have tried many different things that people said would work but hasn't>
<Not looking for the answer, I enjoy the challenge but I really don't want to mess up my phone>
<I messed up my first one already just trying to get it rooted>

<so this time I took the time to really look in to rooting it and I was able to do that but I have been stuck on the actual getting the kali linux on it for 3 weeks no so any help would be great >

<so far I got it rooted and it is running a 5.1. >
<thanks in advance>

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What methods have you tried?
have you looked into perhaps net hunter? or linux deploy?
if you have what errors have stopped you from progressing?

Pretty sure NetHunter is only for Nexus devices. If I ever did something like this (which I plan to soon), I'd use Linux Deploy.

<the above picture was from linux deploy>
(Thanks for the help, but none of these methods work;
If any one knows*anything let me know;

  1. I have rooted "samsung galaxy S6" <Tmobile:company>; Ver:5.1.1/lolilpop/
  2. Now I want to run kali linux on the above device;
  3. How could I do it?//


i had a problem downloading packages too! i removed and reinstalled linux deploy. and then i added customer DNS records to

try that

yes it is possible I just did last night, i did with NetHunter, I let this screenshots. sorry about my english

Kali Nethunter is NOT ONLY for Nexus can work on many other devices. I personally have it installed on my Galaxy Note 3, and it works like charm. You can download the nightly builds of the kernel and the kalifs from

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