Forum Thread: Kali Linux Wifi Won't Stay Connected. Although It Appears Connected There Is No Active Connection.

Ok, now made 2 USB sticks live boot Kali and set up my laptop to dual boot Kali and Windows. And with all 3 I have the same issue. The wifi connection will only stay active for the first 15 seconds or so after booting up or manually restarting the connection. Ifconfig iwconfig and network manager all show that I am connected. I can ping and it is succesful. But once i do that or try to use the internet (firefox, apt-get update, anything) the connection no longer works. Even though network manager and everything else still shows me as connected. I can even still ping my own router. Just nothing outside of my own network will work. If I boot into Windows there is no problem with the internet at all. Also using a wired connection works with no problem. I have been searching for over a month for an answer and havent found it yet. If there is anything anyone might know that would help me loose the wire and regain my freedom feel free to pass that information. Thanks

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Do you get wifi on Live Mode? If yes, I have the solution.

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