Forum Thread: Kali Tools Wrapper?

How useful would people think of a wrapper for some tools in Kali. This would connect them together. Like you would generate a word list, use it with aircrack then after it gets the wifi password does an nmap scan.

This is just an example and obviously it would not be fully automatic but it would prompt you with things it finds and lets you choose an option based off what you see.

What do you think? Obviously there are auto exploit tools out there but this is more of an assistant that you can tell to do stuff you need like cracking passwords or finding scans of a system.

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4 Responses

sounds pretty good but have a config to where users can change up the scripts

It would show recommended scripts to run and always prompts for it's next choice.

sounds good i would use

Its kinda a concept, don't know if I would make it.

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