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Kali USB Loud Beep

I have a Kali USB that I made with YUMI for multiboot reasons. Whenever I boot off it for Kali I get a super loud beep, and I mean super loud. Is there a way I can disable this?

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Yea, but it depends on what computer you're using. You may be able to change it in the BIOS. Or, you could disable the speaker(s) by disconnecting it/them. Have you tried it on a different pc?

It does it on other machines, plus it is only the Kali OS that is doing it, unless someone who knows more tells me differently.

Have a look into /isolinux/menu(dot)cfg there is a ^G in the title of the Bootloader screen this is the ascii bell remove it and there will be no sound

You can remove ASCII Bell character from menu.cfg in the pre-existing Live installs.
Open up the file in Notepad++ and remove {BEL} character from the menu file, then press Save.
Windows Notepad won't work well with it, so be careful.

If using Live install, just go straight to syslinux folder.
Then open menu.cfg, and remove BEL character from the menu file.
You need to save it as UNIX text file (EOL conversion - UNIX on Notepad++ if it doesn't already say so)

You don't need to recompile it from source :)

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