Forum Thread: Kali vs. Other Distros?

I am considering switching from Kali to Ubuntu for all things cybersecurity, and I really need someone to talk me out of it :P (or why I should switch).


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Why are you thinking of switching to Ubuntu? Are you talking about using it for pentesting or for a server?

Just for pentesting, I already use it for a server.

Due to Canonical only supporting a fraction of packages officially and the rest coming from universe I would recommend centOS for server. As far as for pentesting Kali comes basically 100% preconfigured for pentesting with no extra set up. Almost any other distro will work though. Personally I use Arch Linux and I love it. You might also want to check out BlackBuntu

Ah, OK, thanks :)

Kali comes preconfigured and has all of the latest tools within it. If reinstalling tools is your idea of fun, then Ubuntu might suite you.

There's Katoolin, which installs all the Kali tools for you.

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