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I am about to get a new notebook. I will dual boot Windows 10 and Linux.
Recently, I am using Kali Linux on my old notebook, but I would like to try out ParrotOS.

Does ParrotOS generally have the same set of tools as Kali?
E.g. aircrack-ng, btscanner, metasploit, maltego, sparta(or zenmap)...

I do not really like the network manager of kali, because it is really annoying when switching between managed and monitor mode on the wifi card. Aside from that, it is perfectly alright.

I am still new to hacking/pentesting (just a few hours in, but working with IT for some years, recently an IT trainee right before the final exams), so I am using a lot of the tutorials.

Though there should not be many bigger differences in the usage of both OSs, for they are both based upon a recent version of Debian...


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ParrotSec has the same tools as Kali if you decide to download the full version.

I recommend ParrotSec over Kali, though both have recently been bugy for me. I decided to switch to Arch Linux and download tools from the BlackArch repos. Best decision I made so far.


Which of both is recently less bugy?
Arch Linux is, at the moment, not an option, because I am new to this and don't want to download everything seperately.

ParrotSec is at the moment less bugy than Kali. Though both can have their own issues sometimes.


ye... until you do pacman -Syu... My metasploit broke...

I never had that problem.

However, I did spend about 2 days getting xmonad working...

...and it still ain't working properly.


how did you install metasploit? did you use blackman or pacman?
And do you have Ruby 2.2 or 2.3?

I just installed everything in the BlackArch repos. See "installing on top of ArchLinux".

I think I had Ruby 2.2. Not sure though.

At the moment I am struggling to get xmonad working. How did you install it (if you installed a window manager)?


What realy annoys me in Kali is that every time I switch back from monitor to managed mode, I have to manually reconnect to my Wifi...

I have Parrot and Kali.

Aesthetically wise, Parrot is better, although Kali 2 has been polished up a bit.

I'm not sure if there are any differences really, besides maybe a few different tools (and Parrot also has a focus on forensics/anonymity)

I've used ParrotSec in the past and liked the anonymous features but Kali just works better for me. In the end, it just comes down to personal preference

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