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I've been here for a while and developed a lot of skills. Today I started playing with WiFi karma attack. Of course I know how to start honeypot with particular SSID and MITM connection, inject iframes, detect that (self defence), prevent (be careful and VPN in most cases is enough), but there is one thing, I cannot stop thinking about. I can listen "asking" for special SSIDs to reproduce them and make client to connect automatically, but - can I automate that? You know that device called a Pineapple? I wanted to replace that "magic box" with only a laptop with two wireless cards. I've done reaserch and found a PWNstar and a fruitywifi. Unfortunately, I can not get it to work. When I run the PWNstar, I have to put the wifi card in the monitor mode. Then it shows as a wlan1mon (I'm using kali 2 with the newest aircrack-ng suite) and then it promts an error that this device doesn't exist. My adapter supports all modes of 802.11 networking. This script is old, but I haven't found any solution. I was running it as root, and tried to run monitor mode manually.

I have another problem with fruitywifi, karma doesn't want to start.

I will try to write my own script in python (networking in c++ is mouch mouch harder than difficult (as I think) networking in python, so I gave up c++ solution. But I'm sure that I will not be the first person to try to perform karma attack without specialized hardware, but can't find any ideas. Show me only the way, I am not script kiddie, I will figure out the rest.

Thank you in advance and sorry for my english, still learning :)

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for your first problem, type:
ifconfig wlan0mon down
iwconfig wlan0mon mode mon
ifconfig wlan0mon up
then it works fine.
your second question i don't know, sry

Thanx for replay, unfortunately doesn't work.

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