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Hy Null, I'm New Here, I Have a Question..

After i upgrade my kali linux to newest version my laptop keyboard doesn't work, how i fix this ?


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Does the keyboard not work in the virtual machine or do you mean your main laptop software doesn't work?

Because it is the virtual machine problem, if on machine is using some kinda machine like webcam, it doesn't work on the other.

But I never saw a keyboard not working.

Wow, in my case, mouse work fine, but the keyboard dont work

In virtual machine its fine, everythings work good, this happened in my kali machine, i use dual boot with ubuntu 16.04, and keyboard its ok, but if i boot into kali, when in login session my keyboard doesnt work. Before dist upgrade everything its ok.

Same thing just happened to me. Was there any fix action for this?

I had the same exact problem, but found a strange solution. When I regularly booted Kali I ended up in the home screen without being able to use my mouse and keyboard. I bought a pair of gaming headphones that game with a driver CD. I accidentally booted into Kali and realized that my mouse and keyboard actually worked.

Check to make sure your keyboard and mouse is plugged in? By the way, for future reference, live boot or using a VM is better when you're first starting out with even a dual boot. Kali is not beginner friendly.

I had same problem here on my HP-Notebook,after i upgrade my newest kali linux and my keyboard doesn't working... :(

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