Forum Thread: Keylogger for Printer?

I know the tittle may sound difficult to understand, but I will explain it.There is a printer in school , and i want it to save all information(scans,printed stuff, etc..) but i don't really know how to do so. I talked about the keylogger since it can save the words you write, happening the same thing in a printer it should save the files that were there.

I could put a pen drive inside it or other way would be wireless i think, but i dont know if there is a way to do what i just asked in those 2 ways.

Can someone help me?

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I watched a video a while back where forensic investigators just went to a file that showed what the printer history was, but I'm not sure where that would be.

However they would likely just be on the local machine. I'm not really familiar with the process of printing (beyond hardware) but you probably would have to end up just coding something on the actual printer.

You don't mention the type of printer. Printers are usually easily accessed since they are the low item on the totem pole when it comes to security devices on the network (i.e. desktops, laptops, routers, etc.). The interfaces to most printers can be accessed by plugging in the IP Address (if it's on the network) in your browser. To access the good stuff via the interface you will need the admin credentials. Again, since it's usually the low item on the totem pole in terms of security, the credentials are usually left at the defaults (i.e. username: admin, password: 1111).

Here's a good read:

You, sir, know how to find things.
Thanks for the article!

Hey im looking into this as well hit me up if you can I am trying to figure how to send messages on the new site setup.

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