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I am trying to install Khali on my laptop. Once I get to the disk section where I have to choose where to install it.. It's not showing any partitions I created on Windows.. It just shows the main partition..

Any idea how to fix it.... I read a bit about it, apparately it's got something to do with the gpt table

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You should include a screenshot or something like that.

post a picture of the partitions on windows

First - make a backup.

I assume, your main partition is the Windows partition?

If you split your Windows partitions into many divisions then it should show, but the most common, is to use the whole drive.

You need to boot into a Live Usb Distribution, (Mint, Debian, Kali etc)
Then you need to Re-Size the main partition and make space for Kali, figure out how much space you really need.

If you're only using Kali 25% of time, then re-size to (70% Windows, 30% Kali) - or even 50% - 50% - if you will use both a lot.

It will then give you an 'Unallocated' Partition, which you will make into a new EXT4 partition and install Kali on that partition.

Finally, in order to boot into both properly, boot into Live Usb again and search google for 'Boot-repair', install a .Deb of boot-repair, & repair your Grub :)

Hope this helps!
And be careful, always backup!

I alredy created another partition in Windows using disk management.. But when I install Khali it's only showing my primary partition and it's says it's empty.. I can't find any of my secondary partitions..

just take a screenshot on windows showing the partitions that you made we can't help you like this

Are you saying kali linux or khali linux?

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