Forum Thread: Kick Other Devices Off the Wifi with Kali?

A few days ago I saw a tutorial on how to kick other devices off the wifi using a OnePlus X phone. How do I do that with Kali? I know how to deauthenticate devices using aireplay-ng but is there any other tools that work better then airplay-ng?

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Not sure what you want exactly, define 'better'. What's wrong with aircrack-ng? You could no doubt find a couple of tools if you googled hard enough. Start with wifi-jammer, it's a Python script. But under the hood, these tools will all be doing very similar things I imagine, just using different languages. Aircrack-ng is written in C, and has been around for quite a while, so is probably one of the fastest and most efficient tools, all other factors being equal.. Also search through OTW's posts as he had one about 6 months ago(approx) on a script that incorporated wifijammer, and another script into a bigger better tool. I can't remember it's exact name.

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