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Hey, I am a newbie hacker and I just wanted to grasp as much information as possible. I have searched extensively on the term open port,but I am still confused. How do I know if an open port is vulnerable or not and if it is what tools can I use to exploit the vulnerability?


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An open port is a port on which is connected a software in order to send and/or receive message, in your case you're probably refering to TCP/UDP virtual port, but there are also other type of port like Serial ports.

In fact it's not the port itself that is vulnerable it's the software behind that is.

So in short depends on the software. If you're lucky you may find a port used by a known vulnerable service and then you can try to exploit it.

you have many database on internet that record well known vulnerable softwares like exploit-db.

Im using kali linux and my machine is connected to a network by rj45 port , i'm trying to hack my own android phone which is connected by a wifi in the same network.... I tried using msfvenom to create payload and send it to my android by metasploit exploit but when the exploit started the msf console is stock at the sending payload and nothing happens to my android phone or my android phone did not recieve any file from my kali linuz mac... Pls. Help me!! I followed all instruction which I red from nullbyte and I also watched tutorial videos from youtube but nothing happens.. Pls. Kindly HELP me in this!!!

can u tell it in detail

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