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Ok so I know how to gain access to servers and computers and such but its no fun to just sneak into someone's computer i want to make myself known like in the new watchdogs game whenever dedsec hacks into a server their little skull gif plays and i want to know if that is a thing and if so how do I do it.

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If you have root access or access to the user account you're trying to play the gif on it should be trivial. Leaving a mark like this is uncommon because it draws attention to the fact that the machine has been compromised so it's bad for pentesters.

It's bad for hackers too because it calls attention to your group giving LEO (law enforcement officers) more evidence and helps to clue them into who/what they are looking for.

So how am I supposed to go about this? I've been trying for 2 months non stop to figure it out. Evidently I'm an idiot. I only have access to an android and I want to send the stagefright to another android that I have the phone number to. I just can't understand all the codes and other stuff people are going on about. I can text and send pics sure but damnit what's the big deal with this? I'm not trying to hurt anyone. I'm just trying to protect myself from being hurt again. Not stealing nothing only want to know for sure if this person is being truthful with me before I move forward. Please can you help person out. I haven't money to pay ther so called spy and other people. I can do this I'm sure if I just had a clue how. Directions I could understand and follow simple and easy.

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