Forum Thread: The Knowledge That I Need to Hack a Website

Hello everybody, I know html/css/php/javascript, and I want to know what I need to hack a website ? Thank you for your answers.

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Is there other thing that I could learn ?
Thank you for your answer

there are a lot of vulnerabilities and depends on what do you wanna do.
if you want to download the database of the site you will probably do an sql injection.
Another vulnerabilities is cross site scripting you can search on google for understand it.
If 1 day you will master these 2 techniques you can have fun.
i am not an expert wait for others opinions

Ok, thanks for your answers

-Be interested in computer science
-Study computer engineering
-Study computer science
-Study informational security and threat models

Oh, you are now interested in defending a website? Too bad.
No cookbook for hacking. Can this community at least state this clear and out loud?

You should read web applications hackers handbook.Nice book for website hacking.And just learn sql language.

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