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Hi, just wanted to know if you can get the WPA password, when you know the WPS Pin, but Wifite says "No" under WPS now.

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reaver -i moninterface -b bssid --pin xxxxxxxx -vv
I hope this works for U

I think if the router has WPS disabled (like Wifite said), there is no way to get the password by using the wps pin, simply because the router will not accept the wps requests. But try what irfan ullah khan yusufzai said, maybe wps isn't "really" disabled and reaver works anyway. You could use bully too, if you prefer that program:

bully -b bssid -p xxxxxxxx moninterface

Is the code to access WPA

Its weird, i have access to the main router, which has the same password as the ranger (i thinks its one because it uses the same SSID with "2EX" which is normally the standard options with not much any configuration).

But i cant connect to the extender. It should use the same as the router?

I hope i got you right but same password means not same wps pin.

How do i access a secured wifi or hotspot

What is my WPS PIN which is changed me
This is my router Mac Address
BSSID : 1C:5F:2B:55:21:75
Can anyone tell me Null (Custom) WPS PIN ?????

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