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I've decided that when I enter college I want to major in Computer Science and Computer Security. What programming languages should I learn before it becomes too late. I am already taking Java fyi.

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I don't think it ever really becomes too late… But in the words of a wise person I've read before, you should try to tuck a "low level" language (C, ASM), at least one scripting language (BASH), something high level and something object oriented (C++, Python, Java, etc) and a functional language (haskell, scheme, other lisp… brainf*ck?) under your belt. If you get to "master" level in all you're basically just some sort of code deity. All are useful, but I have seen incredible results just from taking moderate competence in a functional language, and getting really freaking good at a high level OOP language.

What I mean as in before it becomes too late is before I go to College in a few years. (Sophomore in HS). Ill see if I can try to learn C and scheme soon. Thanks

Definitely learn bash in and out too (since I know you use *nix). It pays off a lot, because when you root a server, you wont be issuing Windows commands 99.9% of the time.

Very true, do you know of any good sites / books to learn bash (and python). 

For Python, read a book that can be found by using this Google dork: thinkCSpy filetype:pdf

I also recommend DiveIntoPython, which teaches you to code in a very clean manner up to the language standards.

As for Bash, I'm not even sure :p I've read a few awful books on it. If you find a good one, let me know xD.

Just copy and paste this into Google search: thinksCSpy filetype:pdf

Yea I downloaded the Python one, That one is for BASH

Thanks for that Alex, I didn't have that one :P

Mwuahaha. You're very welcome, kind sir.

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