Forum Thread: Laptop Overheating with Kali Sana

i recently installed kali sana( not dual boot just kali) to my laptop it's a toshiba satellite with 4gb Ram and nvidia 525M GPU and it's 4 years old(i know..). i bought a belkin cooler a few days ago but it still overheats after an hour or two any ideas?

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3 Responses

Make sure the fans of the cooler match the spots that get hotter on your pc. In the end, you might want to disassemble your laptop and clean / change the internal fans and remove dust for a better solution. You can find instructions how to disassemble any laptop on youtube.

Also, never leave pc on surfaces that tend to keep the heat (like bed, carpet, couch...) I always prefer to leave it on the cold floor or marble table.

Your toshiba satellite will live long and prosper for many years to come, if you treat him right :)

I also have a toshiba satellite, had a cooling problem, but before I got kali on it. Simply changed the fan which got fried somehow. Now it all works even when wordlisting or bruteforcing for longer times no overheat occurs. Do however check for dust. If you can't clean it, which I had a problem with because the fan isn't really accessible, just get it to a tech. It's better for him to do it, not because he knows better but if something goes wrong...Or just replace the fan if it's completely dead.

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