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Hello guys so i have been lurking around here and i see a lot of interesting topics (as a newbie).So i want to ask you guys 2 questions.But first i have been stuyding python,html,css (To get that out of the way) 1)I am going to order a laptop and these are the specs Intel Core i3 5005U 2GHZ, 4GB ram, an intel hd graphic card,500 GB HDD and no os.I think that these specs are respectable as it costs 300 euro also i think i can install ubuntu on it as the laptop has no os but i see the same laptop in different shops and it says there FREE DOS, so i don't know the difference and if i can install ubuntu on there too.2)And my second question is why should i install kali linux and not ubuntu?I really don't understand the different i mean they are both linux distros and i use ubuntu in my class (that's why i chose it) and kali linux seams to me that is has a lot of tools,that's it, the only tools i am going to use are Wireshark because it is an amazing traffic analyser and aircrack ,all the other tools want to be made by me (I hope) and i know that the tools i am going to make wont be as effective as the others on kali linux but i will feel like a skiddie else.

Tell me what you think

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Hello, FreeDOS seems to be MS-DOS wich is very old but as long long as your BIOS can boot a CD/DVD/USB Drive (pretty much any computer) you should be able to install it

As for the distro, Kali is just a rolling release of debian designed to be a hacking ready platform (prepatched wireless drivers, ...) you can uninstall the tools by entering "sudo apt remove kali-linux-full" and then "sudo apt autoremove"

Also just wanted to say you can't do every tools from scratch (it would take too much time) and as long as you understand the command syntax (or the GUI if it's GUI only) and you understand what the tool does (and you could recreate it if it was necessary) I don't think you're a script kiddie

Also for the specs I saw once a computer that has Windows 8.1 installed (when you could upgrade to Windows 10) and the Windows 10 version (exactly the same except for Windows 10) costs 100 more euros so I think Windows is important in the price

Thanks for the reply i have also found a computer with same specs but with Windows 10 installed(maybe i can have a little bit of gaming to ;p),do you think i should get that instead and boot ubuntu from a usb?

where can you buy no os and free dos computers ?

In my country there is a website where they have a lot of e-shops into one and you can choose(big variety).

You could just dual boot your laptop if you want to use both OS's

Dual booting would work fine, or you could use a virtual machine. Both are good choices, and aren't limited to 2 operating systems. You can install as many as you want.

The difference between Ubuntu and Kali, is that Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux distro targeted towards desktop/end user. Kali is a Debian based distro targeted at pentesters.

Yeah but i mean what is the difference?I was always looking at post and said if you want to become a real hacker you must make your own tools,just using premade tools feels dirty

One is out of the box for desktop and one is out of the box for pentesting. What difference are you asking about?

Making your own tools is all fine and good, but the DRY principle applies to hacking. Don't Repeat Yourself. No need to re-invent the wheel. You'll learn a lot of programming technique making your own tools though.

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