Forum Thread: How to Learn Hacking from the Beginning

please please hackers and intruders i'd like to earn hacking for educational purposes

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I'll let someone else post a smart-ass, condescending post to this kinda thread topic.

Hey bud, I wouldn't start off like this. It doesn't look good, in my opinion. However, I will give you your best bet, given you probably don't know much.

  1. INSTALL LINUX -- preferably Ubuntu or some distro based upon that like Linux Mint, which is what I use. And please don't install BT; you're probably not ready for that.
  2. READ ONLINE ARTICLES, especially at this website and by OTW; and mimic them on your own network. Try them out. Ask questions on here about your trial and errors. What you understood and didn't understand. Be specific.
  3. START OFF WITH SHELL SCRIPTING -- I don't know if you know how to program or what not, but if you do not know how to program, I would STRONGLY, STRONGLY encourage you to learn shell scripting, as it is linux's native tongue. And doing so, this will allow you to write scripts in relation do your desires among cyberspace. It's the best language to learn first, and it's rather easy, too!! I cannot stress that enough.
  4. Play around with simple networking tools. Go grab Nmap and Airsnort-ng. Install both of those and read the man pages about the different functions, as you'll see them online here a lot. Get familiar with each piece of the airsnort-ng suite. Try them out. Trial and error on your home network.

I'm not a hacker. I don't know anything and I can't do anything fancy. But I know enough that if you wanna get started in that direction as I do, you need to focus a lot of your time on those four above points.


I adore how this is the only comment pertaining to hacking I've ever seen that recommends Shell Scripting. You have earned your Kudos good sir.

well I don't know your situation, but many colleges have IT majors available and nearly all of these include cyber security classes, which are bound to help. Some even feature full programs in cyber security, so it kinda just depends on how far you want to go with it.

also, look into some comptia certifications; they'll get your feet wet, and download cbt nuggets videos (training videos) about bt and kali linux. super helpful ;) good luck.

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