Forum Thread: How to Learn if Your Mac Is Filtered in Router.

Hello I would like to know if there any way to find out if my mac is filtered in router. My wifi network keeps disconected from time to time...I change my mac over and over again but my laptop keeps disconnecting. How can I find out what's the problem?

p.s. I have no access to router.

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If your mac address was filtered, you probably wouldn't be able to connect at all without changing your mac address. I'm going to assume you own the router you're having trouble with. If that is the case, you should check to see if the problem persists across reboots on your computer, and if the problem also persists across different devices. That might give you a better idea as to whether it is your computer giving you trouble or if it is the router/internet service.

my android phone doesnt disconnect but sometimes stops receive packets, that starts 4-5 months ago...I use TMAC soft to change my mac. I have change it multiple times so it must be ok....It shows me that my connection is ok (no limited conn. etc) but I have no internet access :/

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