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I started using kali about a month ago, i managed to successfully break into my other laptop in the same network using metasploit and i have no idea where to go next. I want to learn mmore, maybe start creating my own payloads, i basically don't want to be a script kiddie. Where do i start ?

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Try exploiting Metasploitable.

Isn't that much easier than a windows 10 laptop ?

Oh, Windows 10! I thought you meant Vista or 7, which, if I'm not mistaken, there are numerous how-to's online. Metasploitable is probably easier, but it has many different vulnerabilities to practice with.

Fair enough, but I have no idea on how to find which ones to use, cause i managed to "hack" the windows 10 one, using windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp and an exe file I created with shellter , nothing too difficult, i just want to learn maybe how to create my own payloads or exploits, or learn to "hack" computers outside my own network, which I looked into and it looks difficult because I have a dynamic ip.

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