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Just finished reading the blog . I was curious, the section on c/c++ states "...ut can be hard to understand. You probably shouldn't start with this."

I am learning C currently the opinions I got were that most things are based off or features are taken/adapted from C so it is the best place to start.  I am using the C video series .

If the author doesn't thik C is the best place to start where should we start? 

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3 Responses

A scripted language, like Python, Perl or Ruby. Maybe start HTML, JavaScript and PHP before that.

Seems to be two different philosophies in some ways.

Philosophy one says learn c/c++ and then well you pretty much know python/perl/java as a result.

Philosophy two start with the easier languages first learn programming concepts and work to the harder ones.

No, that's not true. If you learn any programming language, all of the others become far easier, because it is mostly syntax differences. Programming languages all essentially work the same. If you want to master the ins and outs of computers, learn ASM, if you want to learn how to code fun and quickly, pick any scripted language. I favor Python.

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