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Hello, I am new to this site and I think of earning myself a name: deserving it, adopting the mindset of a hacker hopefully with time and practice. My question is if CompTIA material would give me a good background to avoid being a script kiddie when starting hacking since my actual knowledge is rudimentary. Thanks for answering and for your patience.

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Don't know about CompTIA or other certificate business... but I can honestly tell you that 'hacking is a state of mind'. Whenever you are willing to keep learning, don't stop at the surface of the things, understand how things really work in their inner, and never stop in front of anything, fear noone, trust noone, you will be on the right track.

If your question is just 'how to avoid being a script kiddie', you are making the first step toward NOT being one. And thus I welcome you to nullbyte.

You will find plenty of material here, just make sure you ask the search box on top first, as a lot of subjects and problems has been already questioned and solved.

Don't hesitate to ask about anything, right after you made sure your question hasn't been covered yet !!!

Thanks, I feared being one since after learning python I started just using tools. And it didn't really help me understand the actual things that happen behind "the curtain", so I thought returning to the basics would solve the issue and discovered CompTIA (in cybrary).

After CompTIA, (not asking to be spoon-fed), what would be next to a newbie?
And thanks for being so forgiving.

The CompTia A+ would give you a lot of the basic computer skills needed to get started. Remember, all knowledge it's good knowledge!


Better than the CompTIA course material is the Cybrary CompTIA course material. It's free and if you actually want the certification, it offers discount at that. It has good material for more certs.

But if you're really willing to pay, I've heard that InfosecInstitute has a good reputation, and OffSec is also pretty famous for its tough certifications and good training material.

Still, there are always more choices. But after those 3, I'd refer Null Byte, Udemy and StackExchange, in the same order.

I hope this helps you. Of course there are more, but that won't really help you. If you DO want more, grab a few reputed books. If you want to learn something difficult, don't learn it from too many sources at once. That will DoS your sense of learning.

-The Joker

Yes, you are right about the DoSing of my learning, at the very beginning the size of all the info that I was trying to assimilate kinda overwhelmed me and I sometimes make that same mistake.

And yes for the cybrary aspect (already using it for i have not money to spend on courses for the moment).

PWK from OffSec seems interesting to me, but it is $800. When I'll have them, it is a must do for me to take it and keep taking other courses when finished.


There are things you have to learn the hard way. Taking in too much knowledge at once....I know what that feels like. It makes me even feel feverish sometimes, or mentally overwhelmed at the least. It is funny to see how much physical exercise and gaining knowledge have in common.

What I do when that happens is that I give my brain appropriate time to process things. After that, I already understood it with minimal effort.

One good place that I didn't mention, though it deserves that at the top, is HackThisSite. There are some things that you should read to be a hacker, but I don't really remember where they were.

Anyways, if you have the sufficient will, I can bet that you'll find a way.

-The Joker

I would start with occupy the web's tutorials. But there are alot fo great tutorials here, just click How-Tos and find a category you wanna do and just do it

Yeah, I did every single one of the newbie's course and I love all of the OTW's courses. Thank you for the response!

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