Forum Thread: Legal Occupations for Hackers

Hackers have long been associated with illegal activity. In recent years, security firms have been hiring hackers to perform penetration tests to test the security profile of companies' IT systems. Now, governments around the world are trying to hire hackers for cyber warfare activity as well as anti-terrorism efforts.

Does anyone know of any other legal activities for hackers?

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2 Responses

There is a proposal out there among information security firms and discussed within the Obama administration to allow firms that have been hacked to retaliate. This would open a new avenue for legal hacking and create some interesting scenarios with the Chinese hackers.

I do know that other worlds have a few activities to "hack this site" by Alex Long. following a link in his tutorial to me to this site. as far as i can tell, this is what hackers have been waiting for to test their skills. anyways, happy hunting ;)

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