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I'm sure that you are tired of replying to these kind of questions but I'm feeling a bit lost, so it would be great to have some guidance.

I have been learning how to use linux, on my free time, since everyone in here says that, in order to be a hacker, you need to know linux.

So, I acquired a book, Linux: The Complete Reference, and my plan was to read it from cover to cover (jumping the trivial stuff that I already knew or that it's a bit useless). However, it's becoming quite tedious - I know, learning something from scratch can be quite tedious, even when we are interested in those things. But did you feel the same when you started learning? My plan, after this, was to learn a bit of code (python - used it in the past - and probably C and HTML) and read a book about Networking. After all of this, then I would start working on more hacking specific stuff - like, attacking my own network, hack my computers, etc.

What do you think? Am I missing something?

I know that there are plenty of guides in here and they look great. However, they don't explain most of the basics or do it in a very rush way - understandable, since the authors are not being paid to do this and they probably have more stuff to do with their life. Not a criticism at all - that's why I have been reading on my own, to get a better understanding. But is this the right way?

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Well, I think you're mostly on the right track. Learn the Linux shell and has some (free) courses on hacking.

Learning Linux is awesome, but you have to work with the software you're gonna use. For example, if you're doing Wi-Fi penetration, you'll have to use Aircrack-ng or Reaver.

I recommend you start using Kali, if you aren't already.

Yeah, already using Kali, but thank you for the advice.

I agree, at some point, I will need to start using the software. However, my knowledge regarding computers (before starting reading more about linux, that is) was very limited - I mean, I knew how to use them, format, etc, but never to a point of trying to actually understand what was going on behind the scenes. So, before going into hacking and cyber-security, I want to have a more general knowledge of how networks work, servers, etc.

You can actually use any Linux version. But to learn hacking, check out and on YouTube, check out Jackktutorials, Seytonic, and/or Hak5. To learn programming, check out,, and "The New Boston' on YouTube.

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