Forum Thread: Linux Basics Part 2 & 4, Problem Completing Various Steps in Lubuntu

Hi guys,

I'm having various problems simply trying to complete these basic but findamental steps in these very helpfull tutorials someone has made.

I'm currently using Lubuntu and have started to learn how to use Linux. I know the person who created them is using Backtrack and Kali in their other tutorials but I'd thought it would be a good idea to start with any version of Linux (even know there are probably slight differences in all of them) and simply work through the tutorials

Here are my screenshots of my terminal following the commands...

Above: I'm getting a permission denied. I want to go to the scripts location for aircrack-ng so I can mkdir in that like it shows in tutorial 2. But it appears to not be a directory. So it must be somewhere else? But where...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey again,

I've gotten somehwere....See below.

Seems to be in a different directory to that in the tuorial???

Was "scripts" changed to "examples".

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