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Yes, hello. I am having serious issues I am hoping you can help me with. I initially had a VM installed ontop of Windows running Kali but it was way too slow. I set my Kali up as a dual boot with Windows but then decided to completely remove windows because its annoying and I have limited space on the computer. So running Kali Live, I deleted the Windows partition using gparted and created a new partition for my Kali in it's place. I shut down and restarted my system. This time, rather than choosing to run Kali live, I chose graphical install but as soon as it gets to the page where it's asking me what language I want to set up for the machine, it freezes for eternity and I have to forced my system to shut down, ouch!!

Ok so I'm thinking I could alternatively run Kali from my usb using persistence but when I selected that option, I tested it and saw it was not writing the changes to the disk, so that's not working either....


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You could try installing from a cd or maybe the iso you downloaded had a problem did you check the MD5?

yeah. i've even re-formatted and downloaded the iso on my usb 3 different times. The CD drive on my desktop is broken :( i just don't understand what would make it keep freezing like that.

oh snap. i swear to u I've tried to google it. . Thx for the reference.

So far, I can only advice to try different ISO or installation media.

If you want to go with Kali Live Persistence look here

If you want a full install and have backed up your computer as i'm not sure if this will work (meaning it could wipe everything if you can't get it to install from there), you could dd the image from the USB onto your hard drive and try installing there.

Things needed:
USB with kali image on it
A back up of an operating system (which you will boot into when DD'ing)
Of course.. your computer.

Optional things:

Do a back up of your computer, boot into the backup and then insert the live USB. Make sure everything is unmounted except for your backup that you are using to boot into. DD the kali image of the USB onto the drive of your computer.

Once it is finished DD'ing boot down, change the boot order etc. and try installing from your computers hard drive. Now i will say, kali 2.0 is buggy in areas so that is maybe why it is stalling at the language selection for you.

Why not, since you already have kali installed, just keep your computer the way it is? i must be missing something.

Anyway, make sure you do a backup of your computer as this may not work for whatever reason (Never had this problem myself, just what i would do if i had a backup ETC. if nothing else worked) . If you want to look up a tutorial on safe usage of DD i would do that as you could melt your hard disk into a molten disk.

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