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Hey all I'm intrested in the world of hacking and want to familrize my self with linux .. what linux OS should i start with ?

*have ubuntu which i don't like very much*

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It's hard to say if you didn't like Ubuntu. You could try switching the DE/WM for Ubuntu, which would change the interface entirely, which I'm sure is what you're looking for.

I have always hated Ubuntu so you should try something like Linux Mint or Fedora, I will also be writing an article on helping you pick a distro

sounds good i will be interested  in reading your article

How about dual booting backtrack 5 instead of linux?

BackTrack is Linux.

Use a virtual machine to test OS's. (Virtualbox)

Try Linux Mint like Matt suggested(more windowsy and IMO more pretty than ubuntu)

Otherwise you might like #! or Sabayon Awesome. Very lightweight distro's. Hmm... I suggest using backtrack as a live USB more than anything else. For a lap/desk system choose something that does not come preloaded with a bunch of web analysis and penetration testing tools. Hard to deny hacking claims if your pc is jampacked with those.... :P (Implying anyone would look at your pc in the first place.)

Backtrack 5 is mainly for web and network analysis, it is ubuntu 10.04 based and uses the 2.6.XXX Linux Kernel so its a little outdated.

I will try to get the article post by this weekend so thats when you can expect it.

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