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Good afternoon, guys & gals.

Today, I will be teaching you guys what operating system is most probably the best choice to go with.

For people wanting to be security professionals or people just looking to get a tad more respect in the hacker world, we can't go around and say "I use Windows 10, the NSA sponsored operating system!". I myself am going to insult Windows, because, sadly it's just TERRIBLE compared to Linux.

If you don't want to believe my words... Just go ask someone who works in the IT business... Your local school computer professor maybe?

Before I continue with my top 5, note I will not talk about Kali Linux, ParrotSec, ShellOS, BackBox Linux, etc. And this not because I think they are 'Skiddish' or 'Lame' but because I, myself rather install things me, myself and I need.

1.) Arch Linux

Arch Linux is by far one of the best operating systems I have ever used.

It is pretty difficult to get it from scratch but when done, it is way worth it! Arch Linux is also fully customizable and has up to date packages!

2.) OpenSUSE

You have most probably heard of it. One of the most recognizable RPM-based distros. Let's take for a note, if you like KDE you can't go wrong with OpenSUSE, though! OpenSUSE is a good 'Get sh!t done" type of system, to be honest.

3.) Fedora OS

Fedora OS and OpenSUSE are honestly amazing operating systems. In Fedora, there are not as many crashes as other operating systems, like Ubuntu. With an easy to configure YUM repository installation of packages is a lot faster and last but not least, the installation is amazingly easy and takes 5-10 minutes!

4.) Ubuntu

Ubuntu is very easy to install. If you're a gamer, you are in luck. Ubuntu can be used for gaming, as I believe Steam has moved towards Linux... And, I believe Ubuntu is a great OS (At least better than Windows) in gaming!

5.) Debian

While... I do not really like Debian, I will suggest it for new comers... Kali Linux and other hacking OS's use Debian. Debian is a great OS for noobies in the IT world. It is also easy to use... Maybe not effective, but easy...

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I am not going to say Windows sucks because 90% of the world doesn't care and just want something familiar and simple. The rest of us have the issue that everything is developed for the 90% of PC users. I would say if all you are going to do stays within a web browser and document editor than use Linux ;)

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