Forum Thread: Locating the Exact Location of a IP Error

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sorry for my bad english i hope you understand me

Did you include the underscores?

rec = gip.record_by_addr('')

Type this:
rec = gip.record_by_addr('')

rec = gip.recordbyaddr ('

now i have a PROBLEM WITH >>>for key.val in rec.items():
... print "%s: %s" %(key,val)

"I found the problem.
On the following line you need to place a comma between key and val instead of a dot:
>>> for key.val in rec.items():

Or just leave out "key" in that line and than also in the following line:
... print "%s: %s" %(key,val)"

You really should be posting in the thread of the guide instead of a random one. That quote came from the comment section of said thread.

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