Forum Thread: How to Log in to Your Friends Instagram Account (Physically)

Hello everyone,PinkyFire is here,im just want to share some simple method how to log in to your friends instagram without even know his/her password (this method just work if you have physical access to your friends phone )

Today,instagram seems like the most interesting app around the world,we can post our pics there,do something that maybe useless or just to kill time,idc.

and now i'm gonna show you how to log on your friends instagram account.i know we can make a phising page,setollkit,building exploit,spoofing.but what if the scene is, you and some of your friends go hangout and them take you away from your machine??but you can borrow their phone.allright,let start :)

1.this method only work if you have physical access to his/her phone
2.only work if their instagram account not linked with facebook have facebook that not linked to any instagram account

Step 1: Go to Instagram Setting

for ios :
1.go to your profile and tap the gear icon
2.tap linked account,tap facebook
3.then fill it with your facebook

for android

> go to your profile tap the 3 vertical dot
>tap linked account,tap facebook
>same way,fill it

and that it,sound stupid but im just want to share,if you already know this way,i'm sorry,i'm just wanna share this suddenly out of my mind method.

and yes,when you want to log in to your "backdoored" instagram, just click or tap log in with my facebook account in instagram log in page,aaaand,voila,you're land safely,and then you can do anything with that account,you can change its e-mail,delete its phone number,delete that instagram account,or change its password,post something crazy,make some terror shit,i dont care,and one more,if you change the instagram password and their e-mail,there will be some virtual tug-o-war between you and your friends,for example if your friends remember their email password,or maybe their email still logged in their pc,netbook,mac,phone,they still can take back their instagram account,so thats why i called this tug-o-war because instagram will automatically send an confirmation email to both of old and new instagram e-mail that say "your instagram account email have changed,bla bla bla,if you didnt do this,click this link and make thing safer bla bla bla "

aand,that it,IM NOT SUGGEST YOU TO DO SOMETHING EVILthanks for reading,sorry if you guys already know this way,just if you far away from your pc or doesnt have much time to exploooooit,


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for windows lumia can you tell plzzz

Interesting stuff, thanks :)


@anamika,i'm sorry i'm never try on lumia or any microsoft phone bcause i dont have one :D,i'll tell you later about it

@Washu washu,ur welcome :)

How to hack Instagram account

That's a little generic, what exactly do you have in mind? Any tools used?

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