Forum Thread: How to Login Remotly with Known Credentials

My school put an active administrator account on all the school laptops.
I know the username and password to the account.
Is there any way to login to any of the laptops with the admin credentials?
The computers are running windows 10.

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You mean, you wan't to login into a local account not a domain account.
Try to type .\admin or .\administrator in the login box of the laptop and then the password. Or if you know the laptops name theLaptopName\admin

I want to gain access to any of the laptops remotely, not with physical access.
Is that possible?

So does anybody know a way to do this?

Still looking for a solution, please help!

What do you mean by logging in remotely? Do you mean when you are at home? That would be unlikely to do unless you have VPN access to their network. Or you have port forwarding to a specific machine on their network.

Now if you mean logging in as admin from a machine from within the school then you would have to simply use remote desktop. Type in the computer name and then type in <machinename\username> in the username field. Then the password.

BTW you can get in trouble for doing this. I do think it is a very good idea. I am not responsible for any foolish actions you take with your knowledge.

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