Forum Thread: Looking for whitepapers (real case/scenario)

I read this whitepaper from anonsec. It explains each steps of how they managed to control a drone remotely. It is really interesting and I find real cases way more educational (they explain better than the theory/dedicated vulnerable web applications). I was wondering if anyone had other cases like this: they explain each steps on how they exploited a device? It is not to copy but to really understand in a real scenario, how they apply their knowledge and actually manage to gain root access, servers, web apps, etc.. Thanks peops =)

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On the Blackhat conference website you can find papers to the talks that were held.

Yes someone told me to search for this : filetype:pdf <"optional topic of interest">

'Web Application Hackers Handbook" has a bunch of examples. I've purchased the book and it is amazing. It will tell you everything you need to know plus real life examples of attacks. From what I hear you might be able to download it from the net for free by searching for the name of the book plus 'pdf' at the end.

I have the 2nd one at home xD

nice. me 2. that's the one I meant. I never really paid attn to reading the real scenarios before but I was last night and they were quite good. has a lot of papers too under reading room!

Thank, found them =)

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