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i am making a new site to capitalize on PPD and am looking to keep my name out of it as much as possible and stay safe from suits as much of my uploads will be Copyrighted material. I am going to host with PRQ(they did WikiLeaks and was founded by the same cats as but am looking at how to register my domain as secret as possible... or with a register that will not hand over my information, any ideas?

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I suppose your best bet would be to fake as much info as you can with your host… Their info will show up when people look up your site, as they are the host, but they would still have any info you give them.

Not having any hosting experience, I can't really say much about what this would entail. Just my two cents.

I'd use a prepaid card to pay for everything if you can, make email addresses with security questions rather than alternate email addresses, avoid phone number and only upload content from secure, anonymous networks

Actually I've just written a new article on it, hope it helps but may be completely impractical:

yea i saw that article, it was very helpful! things i already knew but now i know to apply them to this... if that makes sense haha thank you joe

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