Forum Thread: Low Bandwidth/Slow Connection Solutions

i have low bandwidth and a slower connection at home, i am looking for a solution to this. What I am currently doing is downloading a torrent and uploading files to multiple PayPerDownload sites, im still on my first 'wave' of uploads, ~44gb, this is taking far to long, ~200kbps max upload total. Is there some kind of 'remote desktop' where i can use uTorrent and upload the files to the PPD sites from that much faster connection? Would a grid-service from MediaTemple work or even a Virtual Server? Thanks Guys!

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First, limit the upload speed in your torrent (torrents will kill your connection speed and often overload a cheap router with too many open connections). Second, if you're uploading the same file to multiple places, you could save time by uploading to one server somewhere, then sending the file from there to all the other severs, but if you've got 44GB worth of files to upload, there's really no way to get around your upload speed limit besides trying to reduces the file size (ex: zip it up), or paying for a faster connection (if available). Another option would be to put the files on an external hard drive and find a business or internet cafe with a faster upload speed that you can use and upload the files from there. Even then, 44GB could take days or weeks to transfer.

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