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I want to know from everyone how to maintain the access in the router once hacked even if the owner of the router changes the password.

I brute forced the router login page and got into the router and i know the password, but i cant change it because the owner will be alert and i dont want to happen that.. So if in future the owner might change the password than i'll have to again do brute force which is needs too patience.. Is there any way to maintain the access even if the password is changed.

Like in facebook we all do once anyone's account is hacked we can change the recovery email and even the owner changes the password, through recovery email we can get into the account any time..

your help would be appreciated..

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No there isn't anyway

There is. WPS pin, don't know if you can access it by the way, I guess so since it is what the devices use to keep in touch when they get disconnected.

Sure WPS is a nice backdoor to get the wifi password again, in case the admin changes it. But I think the question was about the user:password of the router when you already have a network connection. And WPS won't help.

Here's what I'd look into: check for router firmware version, download same version from the official site, unpack it, add backdoor (hardcoded admin user, telnetd on uncommon port, be creative...) repack firmware, save router settings, update firmware, restore settings. If you do everything correct, admin won't notice the change, and you will have succesfully backdoored your router ! If something goes wrong tho, you might end up with a brick. Make sure you study and test a lot before attempting.

Hey, Anamika how do you make a recovery mail to facebook, to maintain the acces. Even though the owner changes the password? :O

Pls let me know, this could be super useful

You can't do that too -.- the e-mail will be sent to the facebook user email account

Yes, that's the purpose. It's is important not to get your personal e-mail account hacked, that would mean to lose every account related. However, there are methods to get the mail provider to shut it down by demonstrating you've been hacked. With TFA it's almost impossibile to pull a hack like that.

It's sometimes becomes difficult to access the login page or admin page of the router even after firmware update, what you need to do is a fresh reconfiguration of the router, specially for access point and LTE routers, I have faced similar difficulties and resolved my NetGear Router Configuration Issue, you don't always need to apply brute force in order to resolve this.

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