Forum Thread: Maintaining Connection While Changing Ip?

Hi guys

My question is that is it possible to stop our public ip to change. Since my payload contains my ip address so whenever it changes i lost connection of victims computer even though i created a backdoor to victims system.

I am newbie in null byte so sorry if there is a mistake and bad English feel free to correct me.

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Thank you this is what i was looking for !

only problem is my country doesnt allow the no ip is there any other suggestions that i could try ? thank you

Maybe try a static ip? If you stay on the same network for this, this should work (I think. I may not understand your problem correctly.).

A static IP would work, though most ISPs charge you if you want one.

Edit: Palico Komondo is talking about outside the local network.

Ah, ok, I misunderstood the question, sorry.

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