Forum Thread: How to Make Metasploit Using VPS?

I have a router for which i cannot forward any ports coz I'm behind a admin router(i don't hv it's password, i tried all default ones) . I asked them for a port to be forwarded but got no response. So is vps an alternative to my router portforwarding option. Please help. I have a dynamic ip and I'm also using noip dns for it. Please suggest any solutions

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Did you mean VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

If you ment VPS, yes, this could be a solution for handlers, phishing servers, web based exploits, etc, BUT not for WLAN sniffing or spoofing attacks since the server is outside your network. In the case you have problems setting up the kali tools on a hoster not allowing custom images (but debian), check my tutorial on how to install them.

If you ment VPN, yes, this could be a solution for the same kind of hacks as the VPS allows you to do, extended by a few spoofing attacks BUT your target needs to be connected to the same VPN as you are, which seems to be highly unlikely unless you are in a training envriorment, already penetrated a part of the targets network (in that case, you wouldn't have port forwarding problems), or have extremly good social engineering skills.

Thank you so much #vinc for your valuable response!

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